Boro Center Wheels

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This is the best center wheel we’ve poured yet, shred on!

You will find these wheels under the feet of every Freebord Pro Team rider. Every complete board comes equipped with a set of these wheels.


  • 72mm
  • 88a

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The Boro

These are the new and improved Freebord “Boros”. Designed to give you more speed, control, and durability.

9 reviews for Boro Center Wheels

  1. Laurent Brondel

    Best center wheel for Freebording, this design doesn’t explode at high speed like many other we tried

  2. Mestre Quentin

    Best center wheel ever !

  3. Johnny

    I don’t know how many center wheels have been tested. this is the first and only one that is holding up to the craziest conditions.

  4. Chark

    I Burned all old model. This central are the best !

  5. andreas

    first center wheel you can really trust!

  6. Jeff

    Classical for a smooth ride

  7. alexandre.pallastrelli

    Nothing compared to other center wheels. It’s the perfect compromise between roundy and flat profile and it gives you a lot of precision while riding on center wheels. A must have.

  8. Ben Mousley

    Perfectly shaped for the Smoothest Edge to Edge Transition and 100% Reliable even for the Hottest Riders on the Worlds Craziest Roads! Aggressive Cut Radial shape for Precision Edge Changes and Top-Tier Performance and Durability – This is the Benchmark Centerwheel! Shred Harder, Faster and Smoother!

  9. Corentin

    Better than all!

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24,95  incl. VAT