Freebord 5X Trucks

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5X Trucks deliver a playful and forgiving ride with precise and predictable transfers.

  • Independent Suspension
  • New Geometry
  • Loaded with blue (soft) Springs
  • Wider turning
  • Deeper carve
  • Easier to learn

Including 2nd batch upgrades:

  • better cap
  • longer threads
  • stronger alloy


Add FB5 Caster

Freebord Trucks are only complete with it's Castors. Add Castors and safe 30%!

Original price was: 99,95 €.Current price is: 69,97 €. incl. VAT each

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Add Hardware

Add Hardware & safe 40%!

Original price was: 9,95 €.Current price is: 5,97 €. incl. VAT each

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Have a Look

The FB 5X Truck

Our Team has engineered a Truck System that Carves and Slides just like a Snowboard.

The FB 5 Caster

The best manufactured freeboarding casters on the market.

The 5X changes everything because of the way the trucks disperse weight across each individual edge wheel. This opens up the doors for butters and a whole new world of tricks.

Yes! Butters...

Say hello to your new favorite Trick

NEW Terrain

Your Resort just got bigger. The rebound of the springs absorbs impact and helps dampen vibrations.

The springs smooth out the ride over rough surfaces and dampen vibrations making for one of the smoothest rides ever. Spots that you haven’t looked at are now possible to ride.

Shipping includes

FB 5X Hanger set of 2-light-666px

FB 5X Trucks

set of 2

set of castors-666px

FB 5 Caster (optional)

set of 2


FB Truck Hardware (optional)

set of 16+4

What will you do?

Hit the road and join the Community
Embark on epic mountain adventures in pursuit of freshly paved back-country roads.
Ride the neighborhood
Take the bus, train, trolley and turn your local neighborhood into a private resort.
Hit the Skate-park
Push the limits and test your skills.
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Which is better for you?


FB 5X Truck

Easiest to Learn

Spring loaded indie Suspensions

199,95 €


FB 5 Truck

Maximum Stability

Introducing the super-sized Bushings

119,95 €


1 review for Freebord 5X Trucks

  1. Olivier_NGR

    The next step! A real game changer. I loved the classic freebord trucks, but I love even more the 5X trucks for gentle downhill freeride. The ride is like a snowboard, transitions from edge to edge are so smooth, it’s very enjoyable!

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From: 199,95  incl. VAT