Freebord School (on sight)

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Date: July 27-31, 2024
Location: Notre Dame du Pré, France
Nearest Train Station: Aime la Plagne
Price: €50 per day (food and lodging excluded)*
Recommended Accommodation: Camping du Rocher du Glaisy in Notre Dame du Pré


The Freebord School offers personalized coaching by two of our experienced pro Riders Adrien Mainand and Quentin Streum.
If you want to correct shortcomings, improve precision, learn switch, or simply progress in your practice, our two coaches are here for you.


This Freebord school is designed for those who want to learn Freebord safely, with professional guidance.
Our methods have been tested and refined over the years, with remarkable results in terms of progression.

FB School 1
FB School 2
FB School 3

We will train you every day on a magnificent 12 km school spot, with very little traffic for an optimal experience. You just need to bring your tent, your board, and something to eat. We take care of transportation and daily supervision.

freeboarders on the spot
freeboarders on the spot 3

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From 50,00  incl. VAT