Freebord 5

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The Freebord 5 is the definition of progression!

Implementing the same geometry since 1998. We are proud to introduce the separated truck and super-sized bushings for a reliable return to center.

Step by step training course included!

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The Freebord 5

The Freebord 5 is the definition of progression.

The FB 5 Truck

Implementing the same geometry since 1998 these trucks are built to last.

The FB 5 Caster

The best manufactured freeboarding casters on the market.

Development is deeply connected to Riders braking the Limits of the Product.

Level Up

Perfect for riders looking to push the limits and test their skills.

Shipping includes

3 Decks with sizes

FB Space Deck (need new image)


Freebord 5 Trucks Pair 1_1000px

FB 5X Trucks

set of 2

set of castors-666px

FB 5 Caster

set of 2


FB Cascade Wheels

set of 4


FB Boro Wheels

set of 2


FB S2 Binding

set of 2


Center Wheel Spacer

set of 2



set of 12


S2 Hardware

set of 2


FB Truck Hardware

set of 16+4

What will you do?

Which is better for you?


Freebord 5

Maximum Stability

Introducing the super-sized Bushings

369,95 €


Freebord 5X

Easiest to Learn

Spring loaded indie Suspensions

439,95 €


5 reviews for Freebord 5

  1. Sonia Hutchison

    Huge rocker but with big wheels this board is super fun. Good for getting me on my centre wheels.

  2. Mestre Quentin

    Definitely loved my brand new FB 5 ! Very easy to handle, and I loved it for hitting gaps / Rails and so on !

  3. Johnny

    Oldschool freeborders will appreciate this. everything better, thats it thats all

  4. alexandre.pallastrelli

    Freebord 5 keeps G3/G3-R way to ride while improving every aspects of it: More resistant, more precision.
    I dare riders to try to break it and even if you do, it’s easy to fix with separated parts for castor and Hangar.
    Best Freebord ever made either for Downhill or freestyle.

  5. Ben Mousley

    Super Deep for Carving! The Freebord 5 is Super Playful and Fun on any Hill!

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369,95  incl. VAT